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Quick Splice

Quick Splice


The FASTVICE and FASTSPLICE can fasten H-T wires without a tool.
Merely insert the wires into the holes.
The wires are gripped by spring-loaded clamps which tighten more securely as the wires are pulled harder,
holding the wires at over 80% of the breaking strength of the wire itself.
The FASTSPLICE is double sided for joining two ends of wire on in-line splices whereas the FASTVICE is half of a FASTSPLICE and is used for terminations at an end post.

- Connects high-tensile wire without a tool, there are two openings for splicing
- Simply insert the wires into the holes for splicing

Code Wire Range
5057 2.0-2.5mm
5069 2.6-2.9mm
5063 3.0-3.5mm
5065 3.6-4.0mm

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