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Large Tension Spring

Large Tension Spring


Materials: stainless steel 304

Products range
Spring Steel.
Stainless Steel
Low Carbon Steel
High Carbon Steel
Music Wire/Piano Wire
Galvanised Steel
Hard Drawn
Non-ferrous Metals
Surface Finish
Zinc/Tin/Nickel/Chrome Plating, Black Oxide, Color Painted, PVC/Powder Coating,
Shot Blasting, Anodizing, Plain, Polishing, Passivate, Electorolysis.
Type of Loops
Crossover Loops
Double Twisted Loops
Extended Loops
Full Loops On the Side
Full Loops Over Center
Machine Full Loops
Machine Half Loops
Double Full Loops,etc.
Wire Diameter
0.1 ~ 8.0 mm
0.004 ~ 0.315 in
Outer Diameter
4.0 ~ 80 mm
0.157 ~ 3.15 in
Direction of Wind
Left Hand
Right Hand

Foot Grass