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Pet Leashes


Small Retractable Dog Leash with Side Cover Plates

L-001C/A:Nylon Rope;length:4m,Strength:15KG.
L-001C/B:Nylon Belt/Tape,length:3m,Strength:20KG

Materials: Body: TPE&PP. Leash: Polyester. Snap Hook: E-coating or Nickelled.

Product Features:
1) Soft handle is made of TPE and ABS which are environmentally friendly materials. This protects you and your pet from allergies.
2) Electrophoretically painted or nickelled snap hooks are available for you to choose.
3) You can lock and unlock the leash with a single thumb press. This design provides you and your dog with much more freedom as you are able to control the length of the leash, thus the distance from your dog.

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