Livestock Supplies
Examination Latex Gloves

Disposable Vinyl Gloves


Materials: Latex
Color: Clear, Blue, green, etc.
Power free or with power.
Length: 9inch (240~260mm)
Size: XS, S, M,L,XL.

Item Specifications
Length(mm) 240~260
Palm Width(mm) XS 75±3
S 85±3
M 96±3
L 107±3
XL 117±3
Double Thickness(mm) Finger  0.31±0.06mm
Palm 0.28±0.05 mm
Cuff 0.22±0.04 mm
Weight(g) XS 5.2±0.3
S 5.9±0.3
M 6.8±0.3
L 7.7±0.3
XL 8.6±0.3
Tensile Strength(MPa) Before Aging ≥18
After Aging ≥14
Elasticity/Elongation(%) Before Aging ≥650
After Aging ≥500


1. Highly flexural characteristic(Anatomic form)
2. Comfortable and high tensile strength
3. Low protein
4. TEXTURED surface available for great grip.
5. Beaded cuff :prevents tearing while donning and keeps glove cuff in place
6.Textured Finish: Allows for dependable grip in wet or dry condition
7.Quality: Extensive on-line post-line processing reduces chemical residues
8.Chloriation: Inhanced smooth interior finish for easy donning.
9. ISO & CE Certificated.

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