• 1. Trade Term?

    1. Our price term is EX-Works (from our warehouse in Shanghai) if shipment is LCL (Less Container Loaded) or FOB Shanghai (or Ningbo) if shipment is FCL (Full Container Loaded),
    2. We will be responsible for regular local charges in Shanghai (or Ningbo) if shipment is FCL, both the seller and buyer are responsible for customs inspection fee if there is any.

  • 2. The problem of the beneficiary name?

    The full name of our company is: Shanghai Levah International Trading Co.,Ltd., our name is very long, which probably can not be filled into the blank of bill completely when make the payment, if so, please use our short name: Shanghai Levah Intl Trading Co.,Ltd. and put our full name: Shanghai Levah International Trading Co.,Ltd. on the postscript or remarks.

  • 3. How can we consolidate the container and load the cargo more safety?

    Some fragile products may be broken during the delivery, such as the bulb, etc. we take care of your cargo when loading the container, make sure that the container space is fully used and the broken rate will be reduced to the minimum. At the gate of container, we use a net to prevent the carton wagging or fall when open the container is the picture:

    Container Type 20' GP 40' GP
    Container Picture
    Inside Container Size 5.89 x 2.34 x 2.39 m 12.02 x 2.34 x 2.39 m
    Working Length: 5.5m 11.0m
    Load Capactiy: 25 CBM 54 CBM
    The maximum capacity we loaded before! 31.100 CBM 58 CBM
  • 3. Less Container Loaded?

    Some items are fragile, such as infrared bulb, light,etc. some items are very heavy if packed by carton, so we suggest that the packed by pallet, pallet can well protect the cargo.

    The pallet size: 120 x 80 cm (European pallet), 110 x 110 cm
    Total Pallet high should be 150 cm, not more than 180 cm
    Total Pallet weight should be not more than 1 Ton.
    One pallet can load around 2 CBM.


  • 4. Our Standard Shipping Marks.

    Shipping Marks

  • 5. How we guarantee the quality?

    1. Factory audit, take the pictures of the production line at spot, make the audit report.

    2. Our standard quality control process can try to find the problem at the source.

    3. we signed the formal contract with the factory, which list the full specification of the product, including what materials should be used, life span, etc.

  • 6. How can we offer the competitive price?

  • 1. we use the low-cost factory, which near to Shanghai or in Shanghai suburb, and the transporation cost will be more reasonable.
    2. we purchase in huge quantity.
    3. professional buyer.

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